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Happy Earth Day! 

We wanted to share with you all how our new ‘Wavy Baby’ collection is totally eco-friendly with our recycled materials, packaging and ethically handmade process.  

Here at KIMKINI, there is a conscious effort on all fronts to ensure all stages of our production process is sustainable. For example, the recycled material used in our new ‘Wavy Baby’ collection is called RecoTex. The recycled yarn in this fabric is created from ocean waste such as plastic water bottles and discarded fishnets that have been broken down. 


The ocean waste is found by volunteer divers and non-profit ocean organisations such as ‘Shark Allies’ which we have previously donated to. They dedicate their time to cleaning up our oceans and saving marine life. Sidenote: the organisation updated us that their ‘Florida Shark Fin’ legislative campaign was passed and finally signed into law by Governor DeSantis in September 2020 –  an incredible achievement!

Once the recycled swimwear fabric is ready our manufacturer prints our custom designs on the material. During this process and to ensure no unfair working conditions occur we require frequent WhatsApp and email updates showing pictures and videos of the entire material printing process.

Check out the video below for the printing process of the ‘Wavy Baby’ collection.’ 

Then, Kim ethically hand makes the swimsuits for every order. The process of a slow fashion swimwear brand is a much better system for the environment as there is no overproduction and wastage, plus you get exactly what you want! Other fast-fashion and cheap companies throw out unsold or returned clothing items to landfills which is extremely damaging and harmful to the environment. 


As part of a fashion solution problem and to prolong the lifespan of wearing your kinis, our swimsuits are reversible. The reversible swimsuits are not only customisable and cute but they are also functional.

For example, it  saves you money as you are getting two swimsuits for the price of one and helps when packing swimsuits to wear on vacation as you have more than one option. More importantly our swimsuits have a longer lifespan than most other swimsuits because of the reversible option which is helping to solve the fashion overproduction issue. 

Finally, swimsuits are packaged in our compostable mailer bags and recycled tissue paper, thank you cards, and stickers. Our packaging company contributes to reforestation every time we order. So far, we have planted trees in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil, Australia and UAE.


Thank you all for your continued support and for taking the time to read this blog post.

The ‘Wavy Baby’ collection is now available to shop online! Feel free to email kim@kimkini.com or send us a direct message on our Instagram @KIMKINI for any further questions or queries about our swimwear and we will be happy to help! 💗

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