KIMKINI is a sustainable swimwear brand using only the highest quality materials with NO animal origin which are sourced and handmade in Brazil.

Our Brazilian manufacturer Is PETA approved and produces pets’ beds from any fabric leftovers which are donated to local animal shelters.

The Fashion Revolution movement is becoming a greater phenomenon and making successful steps towards cruelty free fashion everyday – major fashion designers such as Stella McCartney is vegan, Prada banned fur, and Chanel has banned fur and animal skins.

KIMKINI wants to meet the growing demand for stylish vegan fashion, and opts to NOT give you the opportunity to clothe yourself in cruelty. Be a part of the progressive 21st century and live your life without harming others! There are plenty of UAE charities that dedicate their voluntary time and effort to saving animals on land and in the ocean.
Vegan Fashionistas

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