Arabic Calligraphy is an important part of Islamic culture which is commemorated by our best seller by the ‘Retro x Calligraphy’ and ‘Mermaid x Calligraphy’ collections. The swimsuits and accessories display Arabic and English spellings of KIMKINI from our brand logo.
The candy pink and mint green pastel colours in the CALLIGRAPHY COLLECTION X RETRO give us serious nostalgic beachy vibes from colours popular in the ‘60s.
Our newest collection, the ‘Mermaid x Calligraphy’, is inspired by the 30th anniversary of Disney’s, ‘The Little Mermaid’ which aims to highlight the importance of cleaning up our oceans and will donate a percentage of profits to non-profit organisations dedicated to this cause.
Buy matching Calligraphy swimsuits for you and your friends for the ultimate BFF goals!

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